Why the Elderly Should Consider the Japanese Diet

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Good Reasons to Adopt Japanese Diet in Rockwall, TX

Following the Japanese diet could help your senior loved one live a better quality of life for longer. Rowlett senior care professionals discuss some of the health benefits he or she could experience when adopting the Japanese diet. 

1. Promotes Heart Health 

Seniors are at a higher risk of heart disease than any other group. However, following the Japanese diet could reduce the chances of a stroke, heart attack, and other heart-related conditions. Some foods in the Japanese diet, such as fatty fish, contain omega-3 fatty acids that help promote heart health. By eating these fatty foods, your senior loved one can also prevent inflammation of blood vessels and the formation of blood clots. The foods in this diet also help lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels. 

2. Increases Life Span 

The Japanese diet is low in calories, which can increase your loved one’s life span. When Your loved one can include vegetables, fruits, rice, and other low-calorie foods to slow down the aging process. Overeating can lead to health conditions like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, which can hinder your loved one’s longevity. A low-calorie intake also reduces the reactive oxygen in the body and alters energy metabolism, leading to a longer and better quality of life. 

3. Boosts Memory 

As your loved one ages, he or she is likely to experience memory loss. However, the foods in the Japanese diet can enhance his or her memory retention. This diet has plenty of proteins and fatty acids that are beneficial to the brain, and the fruits and vegetables included in this diet are rich in antioxidants which can boost cognitive function and strengthen memory. The Japanese diet also helps fight against free radicals that damage the brain. Incorporate vegetables into your loved one’s meal and help him or her reap the brain-boosting benefits.

4. Prevents Insomnia 

Instead of eating sweets, the Japanese diet encourages eating fruit. By eliminating the extra sugars found in desserts, your loved one can reduce the excess energy in the body that may be causing restlessness at night. If your loved one is unable to sleep at night, he or she may develop high levels of anxiety, which could lead to depression. Getting a good night’s sleep can also help your loved one stave off dementia, stroke, various types of cancer, and other conditions.

If your loved one requires motivation and support to eat healthy in accordance with the Japanese diet, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our highly trained caregivers promote physical and emotional wellbeing by encouraging seniors to eat nutritious meals and engage in physical exercise. We provide professional live-in and part-time care. Rowlett, TX, families can call a friendly Care Manager at (972) 722-7833 to learn more about our flexible elder care plans.


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