4 Benefits of Water for Aging Adults

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Benefits of Water for Seniors in in Rockwall, TX

Seniors often face a greater risk for dehydration than young adults due to changing health conditions such as a diminished sense of thirst. Use these 4 benefits of drinking water to motivate your loved one to make hydration a priority.

1. Regulate Body Temperature

During the summer months, seniors are susceptible to overheating and heat stokes. The body needs to stay hydrated to produce sweat and lower the rising temperatures. It is also important for seniors to drink plenty of water during and after their workouts as it helps the body cool down after strenuous activities.

2. Enjoy More Youthful Skin

When a senior is dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent. Water helps plump up the skin and promote a more youthful appearance. While using lotion helps retain moisture on skin, seniors must hydrate their body on the inside to see a visible difference in their overall appearance. Retaining a youthful look is a great bonus, and many Rockwall senior care professionals observe hydrated skin is less likely to scratch or tear.

3. Reduce Digestive Distress

The digestive process requires water to produce the saliva to break down food. Drinking water is also important for helping the intestines move the food through the digestive system, and seniors who are hydrated are less susceptible to constipation. 

4. Decrease the Risk of Falls

Once a senior becomes dehydrated, a variety of symptoms can occur. A senior may become confused, dizzy, and experience visual disturbances, causing him or her to lose balance and experience a serious fall, leading to injury. This is because the brain is mostly made up of water. Therefore, staying hydrated helps boost a senior’s motor and cognitive functioning so they can move and think with greater clarity.

Some seniors do not prefer drinking too much water. If your loved one needs encouragement and assistance to stay hydrated, call Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers assist seniors in their daily activities, which include meal preparation, water intake, and bathing and grooming, to help them stay active and healthy. For high-quality respite care, Rockwall families can call us at (972) 722-7833.


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