Can You Prevent Blood Clots from Forming?

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How to Prevent Seniors From Getting Blood Clots in Rockwall, TX

When blood clots form and travel through blood vessels, they become deep vein thrombosis that can become lodged in the leg or a pulmonary embolism when entering the lung. Blood clots can also flow to the heart or the brain, which leads to heart attacks or strokes. There are a few ways home caregivers in Rockwall can help seniors reduce their risk of blood clots.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

High LDL cholesterol levels cause plaque formation, which narrows blood vessels, traps blood cells and fibrin to create blood clots. This is dangerous and can result in the need for post-stroke care in Rockwall, TX. A diet rich in lean meats, fruits and vegetables help reduce elevated LDL levels and the risk of stroke. 

Engage in Moderate Exercise

Keep blood flowing freely by maintaining as active a lifestyle as possible. If your loved one is living a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, start slow. Seniors might consider going for low-impact walks around the neighborhood. They can then gradually increase the length of time and the level of intensity.

Avoid Sitting Too Long

Older adults should avoid sitting or standing for extended periods of time. Encourage your loved one to change position every two hours or so. Have him or her stand, stretch and take brief walks to encourage blood circulation. This action is particularly important if taking a trip that lasts four hours or longer. 

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

We lose water every day through breathing, perspiring, voiding and defecating. The body must have an ample supply of replacement fluid to function properly, which includes ensuring that the blood maintains viscosity. Healthcare providers recommend that adults consume at least two liters of non-caffeinated beverages daily for this purpose. 

Keep Feet Elevated

Have your loved one raise his or her foot off the bed four to six inches by putting pillows under the mattress or blocks under the frame. In this way, blood circulates easily to the heart while sleeping or when your loved one is put on bed rest. 

Wear Compression Socks

If hospitalized, discuss the need for compression stockings and blood thinning medications with your loved one’s doctor. Point his or her toes, flex the feet backwards and make small circles every two hours to enhance your loved one’s circulation while in bed. 

With Home Care Assistance, seniors learn to maintain balanced schedules that include a healthy diet and exercise regimen to boost emotional and physical wellbeing. Our comprehensive Rockwall senior home care even helps seniors manage daily tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, errands, and housekeeping. Call (972) 722-7833 today to learn about our services from a reliable Care Manager.  


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