Caregiver Reviews Home Care Assistance Rockwall

“Cassandra September 2020 – We had training in the office. I liked that it was hands-on. They showed us what to do instead of having us read about it. They reach out to me when I had personal things going on and even bought me a cake when it was my birthday.”

“Anonymous September 2020 – They will find me more hours whenever I want them. They also check on me to see if I am doing okay.”

“Bernice September 2020 – If there is an issue with the job and I tell them about it, they go ahead and address it.”

“Anonymous September 2020 – This agency is a nice place to work. They want to help you and work with you for hours. They gave us masks, cup holders, and other gifts to show appreciation.”

“Brook August 2020 – All the clients that I have been to have been super sweet. Anytime I have questions I call the office and they are quick to answer.”

“Ashley August 2020 – I like the hours. I like that they did more training than other companies.”

“Caitlin August 2020 – They send text messages and stop by while you are working with clients.”

“Carolyn July 2020 – They have given me gift cards. All the clients I have had have been great because they match with my personality.”

“Hattie May 2020 – They will meet us at the client’s home and sit down with the client and talk to them with you. They helped me know how to be careful with my clients.”

“Connie May 2020 – I learned what’s expected of me and how to communicate with my clients. They always remember our birthdays and special holidays. They give us gift cards to Sonic, for example. They always have good things to say about us.”

“Lori April 2020 – I like the way they allow me to meet them before my shift to really get to know them and their needs. They are very personable and check on me to see how I am doing.”

“Krista April 2020 – I liked what they are about and the people who work there. They were really nice. They are a really good company. They are amazing. They are constantly thanking me for all that I do for them and their company.”

“Deon April 2020 – They give bonuses and gift cards.”

“Judy November 2019 – They are perfect. If I ever have questions or a problem, there is someone there to answer. You can call or just stop by.”

“Chloe November 2019 – They match us based on personalities and our skills to make sure we fit the client. I get raises, bonuses, and rewards like employee of the month.”

“Shezi October 2019 – They are always there to answer any questions or concerns I have.”

“Gwendolyn October 2019 – I have been with the same client since I started with Home Care Assistance. My mom had dementia and Alzheimer’s, and the client I have now is in the same situation. I am really comfortable with them.”

“Vever October 2019 – They gave me the perfect client. I love my client. I like the communication. We smile, and it is a sweet and warming home that is like family.”

“DeLena September 2019 – They care about the clients. They put their needs at the top of their efforts. They also care about their employees. They let me know about the clients before I get there.”

“Anonymous August 2019 – I like that it’s set up to interact with clients. I like that I can take them out and enjoy life instead of being stuck in a house.”

“Faith August 2019 – I like that they can work with my schedule. They always text me. They ask clients about me, then let me know about their compliments and say that I am doing a good job.”