6 Summertime Illnesses You Can Avoid

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6 Common Illnesses Your Senior Loved One Can Avoid This Summer in Rockwall, TX

While getting sick is believed to be more common during the winter months, there are also plenty of illnesses you and your loved ones can contract during the summer as well. Following are a few common summer illnesses seniors can get and how Rockwall home caregivers can prevent them. 

1. Babesiosis

This illness is actually a tiny parasite that lives on infected ticks. The symptoms are usually mild, which is why many people never know they have the parasite. However, if your senior loved one displays flu-like symptoms, especially after contact with a tick, it’s important to look into because the parasite can cause hemolytic anemia. Avoid coming down with babesiosis using the same guidelines you would use for avoiding ticks: wear long pants, sleeves, and boots, use a strong tick repellent before venturing into tall grass or tree-filled areas, and check for ticks after returning home. 

2. Norovirus

This is another incredibly contagious stomach bug that leads to nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, and other symptoms common among intestinal flus. This particular virus is a problem because of how easily it is spread from person to person. Practicing good hygiene is one step live-in Rockwall, TX, caregivers can take to keep their senior loved ones safe. Encourage your senior loved one to avoid anyone who seems ill and to wash his or her hands regularly. This is particularly important if your senior loved one has been in a crowd of people. 

3. Food Poisoning

While it appears like serious stomach flu, food poisoning lasts a little longer. This means it can easily dehydrate a person and sap their strength as the body fights off the bacteria. Be sure to put groceries away as soon as they come home from the store and put leftovers back in the fridge immediately after everyone has been served. Keeping perishable food cold can inhibit bacteria growth. If food ever gets left out for too long, it’s better to throw it out than take a chance. 

4. E. Coli

This is another food-borne illness like food poisoning. While most people have E. Coli in their intestines, it is at a level the body’s immune system can keep in check. Being exposed to another strand through food, contaminated water, or contaminated feces is another way to contract E. coli. To keep your senior loved one safe, it’s important to swim in clean bodies of water like clean public pools. Likewise, make sure you properly handle and prepare meat products to kill any E. coli lurking on the surface. 

5. West Nile Virus

While catching this mosquito-borne illness is unlikely, knowing how to protect your senior loved one is still important. West Nile is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito or by coming into contact with another infected animal. Use mosquito repellent and citronella candles when outside, especially at night, to keep your senior loved one safe. Another important piece of the puzzle is to avoid contact with any deceased animals. Instead, keep yourself and pets away from any dead animals and call in a professional to handle the situation so you don’t compromise the health of the household. 

6. Enterovirus

This string of viruses generally comes from having contact with water that has been contaminated by infected feces. Once one person in the house has it, it is easily contagious. Be sure to choose swimming spots that are regularly chlorinated to kill off any viruses. If swimming in natural bodies of water, be extra careful and have your senior loved one use nose and earplugs. Additionally, have your loved one shower immediately after swimming.

Protect your loved one from these and other illnesses with help from a professional Rockwall elder care agency like Home Care Assistance. We provide safe and efficient at-home care to help seniors establish healthy lifestyle habits for the betterment of their physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn more by calling (972) 722-7833 today to speak with an experienced Care Manager and set up a no-obligation consultation.


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