Cooking Class in Rockwall Texas for Seniors

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Cooking Classes for Seniors in Rockwall, TX

Some Rockwall in-home caregivers recommend cooking classes for more active seniors. They will learn new techniques that make cooking easier while spending time with people who share their curiosity and love of cooking. Even seniors who have never cooked before may enjoy these classes if they suddenly find that they need to prepare simple meals. While there are many choices in the Metroplex, seniors living in Rockwall, Texas, do not have to travel any further than The Fatted Cow in downtown Rockwall to take cooking classes.

Classes at The Fatted Cow

Classes are held about once a month at The Fatted Cow. Each class allows seniors to go into the kitchen or the bar to learn in a hands-on manner. Seniors receive individual attention from qualified instructors. They also have the opportunity to ask questions and advice from their tutors. At the conclusion of each class, seniors receive free recipes to take home and try with their Rockwall, TX, home care professionals.

Potential Topics at The Fatted Cow

Classes vary from month to month at this popular Rockwall restaurant. Previous classes have included making your own pizza, cooking whole pig and making succulent barbecue. Other monthly classes feature a particular type of food such as Chinese, Cajun, Italian or other regional cuisines.

The Instructors

Various instructors teach the classes depending on the specialty of the month. Some classes are taught by The Fatted Cow’s owner Ted Grieb. While Ted cannot claim to be a native Texan, he has been cooking in the Metroplex for more than 30 years. Over 25 years ago, he opened The Fatted Cow, which is well known for its breakfast and lunch offerings.

Seniors of all experience levels are invited to take cooking classes at The Fatted Cow. These classes are relatively small in size, so the senior can enjoy individual attention from instructors. Small class sizes also mean that instruction can be given at a level that the senior will understand. Contact the restaurant to set up this experience for your senior soon if they are interested. 

If your loved one has difficulty preparing meals alone, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our flexible live-in and hourly caregivers in Rockwall help clients with all manner of daily activities, including nutritious meal preparation and cleanup. Call (972) 722-7833 today to learn how else your loved one will benefit from our comprehensive in-home care.


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