How Music Benefits Seniors with Arthritis

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The Benefits of Listening to Music for Elderly Living with Arthritis in Little Rock, AK

Numerous studies suggest that music provides many different emotional, physical and psychological benefits. Recent research revealed that the right kind of music also helps seniors deal with arthritis pain. The following article explains why Rockwall home care providers recommend music for seniors with arthritis.

Backed by Science

A group of scientists from the Florida Atlantic College of Nursing in Boca Raton, FL, discovered that people listening to classical music with a slower tempo expressed a decrease in the level of arthritis pain that they experienced. Music therapists explain that when people listen to pleasant music, the heart and respiration rates change to mimic the rhythm of the melodies heard. Muscles begin relaxing and the brain releases endorphins, which interfere with pain signals. 

Alters Pain Signal Reception

French researchers found similar results. An article published in a 2012 issue of Clinical Rheumatology described that when seniors living with arthritis listened to music, they reported having less anxiety and pain. Professor Xueli Tan from Massachusetts’ Lesley University explained that the brain is limited in its ability to focus on more than one stimulus simultaneously. By shifting a person’s attention to hearing music, the brain overlooks or inhibits pain signals transmitted by nerve tissue. 

Type of Music

Music therapists recommend that the music must be pleasing to the senior. While some prefer classical, others may experience better results when listening to music with ethnic origins or from a particular era or genre. There does not seem to be a difference in whether the music heard is being performed live or comes from a recording. In fact, recorded music enables seniors to listen to their favorite pieces as often as desired. 

Consistency Is Key

While some may find that music soothes their aches and pains after five minutes, others need to continually listen for one hour or more. In order to gain optimal pain management using music therapy, seniors should listen to the music of choice daily, as studies also revealed that the pain relief benefits increase over time.Further your loved one’s physical and emotional wellbeing by hiring Home Care Assistance of Rockwall, TX. We provide flexible live-in and hourly home care Rockwall seniors need to meet the challe

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