Perks of Maintaining a Mediterranean Diet

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Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet in Rockwall, TX

If you are a family caregiver, then you might want to recommend the Mediterranean diet to your loved one. This diet focuses on healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and it also incorporates unrefined whole grains. If you are thinking that your senior may protest, present the following to him or her. This is why Rockwall, TX, elder care professionals recommend this diet for seniors.

Boosts Brain Function

Alzheimer’s caregivers in Rockwall, TX, know that healthy fat helps maintain brain health. In fact, studies published by the American Medical Association suggests that these healthy fats help prevent cognitive decline. They also suggest that Alzheimer’s may be kept at bay because these fatty acids may prevent the buildup of harmful protein plaques in the brain.

Prevents Heart Attacks

Eating a Mediterranean diet may help lower cholesterol levels. Therefore, the chance of a senior having a heart attack is drastically reduced. Eating healthy food may also help prevent strokes and cardiovascular disease. This is in comparison to the typical American diet waist circumference, which scientists know is tied to the increased risk of a heart attack. 

Eases Osteoporosis

The healthy fats in the diet may help the body form more bone cells. These cells may also mature faster. This development may help the senior stop the process of osteoporosis. Many seniors lose weight on this diet, which also helps them improve bone health. 

Controls Blood Sugar

Eating the Mediterranean diet helps to control blood sugar. Therefore, it can help seniors manage their type 2 diabetes. In research studies, people had better blood sugar control with the Mediterranean diet even when compared against others who ate low-fat diets.

Fights Depression

The typical American diet is full of saturated fats, which scientists know leads to depression. Many seniors may find that they feel happier when eating a Mediterranean diet because the healthy fats help promote brain health. The senior is also likely to be less depressed because they feel better overall. 

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