How to Help Seniors Transition from the Hospital to Home

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Safe Hospital to Home Transition in Rockwall, TX

There are many decisions that need to be made for a senior to successfully transition from hospital to home. Many hospitals have a specialist on staff who can visit with live-in Rockwall caregivers and help them develop a plan if they need additional assistance. At a minimum, make sure to consider these items to make sure that the move is successful.


Over 40 percent of all seniors take five or more drugs. Therefore, this area needs to be examined very carefully for interactions. Understand the amount of medicine that needs to be taken and when it needs to be taken. Create a plan to ensure that medications are not confused, such as putting medicines in a pill container for each day and time. Ask a specialist to go over the list to make sure that medicines are not interacting with each other. 

Arrange Transportation

Think about how the senior will be transported home. Some vehicles may be very difficult for the senior to get into especially when they are in recovery. If this is going to be a problem, ask a friend for assistance and make arrangements with the local bus service to transport medical equipment, the senior and yourself.

Prevent Falls

Preventing falls by seniors when they are recovering is crucial. Start by removing any items from the floor that is not firmly fastened in place. Make sure that each area is brightly lit so your loved one can see. The senior should also be able to reach a light from his or her bed. 

Prepare for Follow-Up

The senior may need to see many specialists following their hospital dismissal. Therefore, make sure to understand who he or she needs to see and when. Schedule these appointments when the senior is likely to feel his or her best. Put it all on a calendar or write it in a day planner so everyone can remember.

Physical Assistance

Depending on the senior’s condition changes may need to be made throughout the home. At a minimum, consider raised toilet seats, installing bathroom grab bars and a lift chair. If the senior will be using a mobility device, then arrange for that to be delivered to the hospital or to be at the home when the senior arrives. In some cases, it helps to have a reliable Rockwall, TX, in-home care agency around to help your loved one around the house.

There are many things that must be attended to in order to successfully transition from hospital to home. For additional help to make this process quick and painless, turn to Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke home care Rockwall, TX, families trust to help their loved ones recover quickly and efficiently from home. Call (972) 722-7833 today to learn more about our comprehensive services and schedule a free consultation.



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