Fun Thanksgiving Traditions to Start with Your Senior Loved One

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Starting a New Thanksgiving Tradition with Your Elderly Loved One in Rockwall, TX

Caregivers from Rockwall senior care agencies understand that Thanksgiving is a special time of year. While many people think of all the food they get to eat that day, it is important to remember that the real reason that we celebrate the holiday is to show our thanks for all the things we have been given throughout the year. One of the things that we can be most thankful for is that we have another holiday to celebrate with our senior loved ones. Why not commemorate the occasion by starting one of the following new traditions?

Play Thanksgiving Games

Since many seniors no longer have the appetite they once did, Rockwall, TX, part-time care providers recommend taking the emphasis off of the feast by playing some creative games. For example, you could set up 10 gourds and have everyone use a children’s bouncy ball to try to knock them over. This game can even be played sitting down. As an alternative, create a large tic-tac-toe board and use miniature pumpkins and tiny ears of maize as the playing pieces.

Share Your Gratitude

Creating fun thank-you gifts is another activity that many might enjoy. For example, you could have everyone join together to bake several loaves of miniature pumpkin bread and then wrap them in Ziploc bags. Attach a note that says, “anyway you slice it, you’re the best since baked bread.” Everyone can then take these loaves home and pass them out to people in their lives over the next few days as a way to say thank you.

Take a Fall Drive

Other seniors may enjoy a drive through the city, especially if they have lived in several places over the years in the same town. Getting out of the house to see how the neighborhood has changed over the years is a great way for families to reminisce this Thanksgiving. In front of each stop, allow each person to share something that happened there for which they are thankful. You may hear some really funny stories that you have not heard before.

Give thanks for your senior loved one this year by reaching out to Home Care Assistance of Rockwall. In addition to helping seniors with various daily activities around the house, we also provide specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia and Rockwall, TX, stroke care families can trust. Call (972) 722-7833 today to learn how home care benefits seniors in your area.


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