Helping Your Senior Loved One Adjust to At-Home Care

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How to Help Seniors Adapt to Home Care in Rockwall, TX

While Rockwall in-home care may help improve the quality of your senior loved one’s life dramatically, that doesn’t mean adjusting to having in-home care will be easy for your senior loved one. Luckily, there are some ways to make the transition to having in-home care easier for seniors. 

Encourage Friendship

Your senior loved one may feel less intimidated or out of control about the prospect of having a Rockwall hourly caregiver if you encourage your loved one to befriend his or her caregiver. If your senior loved one can view his or her home care provider as a friend rather than a sitter or supervisor, accepting his or her help will be easier. Moreover, encouraging friendship may help your senior loved one feel less isolated and foster emotional stability. 

Make a List

When an in-home caregiver comes to help your senior loved one around the house, your loved one may not be able to pinpoint how the provider can help. Encourage your senior loved one to make a list of tasks ahead of time or make one together of tasks he or she most struggles with. Then, suggest that your loved one show the list to his or her in-home caregiver and let the caregiver suggest how he or she can help with each task. 

Start Slowly

One of the most difficult things about transitioning to in-home care for seniors is accepting help with a lot of tasks at once, especially if some of those tasks are intimate ones like bathing and dressing. Instead of trying to get your senior loved one to jump in with lots of help right away, have your home caregiver come for short visits with the plan to manage tasks your loved one is most comfortable with. 

Encourage Communication

If your senior loved one is having trouble adjusting to having in-home care or you just want to make the transition easier, be sure he or she has someone to confide in. Adjusting to home care may cause your senior loved one to experience many emotions, and having someone to talk to and reason through the adjustment period with can help make things less overwhelming. Encourage your senior loved one to reach out to a friend or relative, or even yourself if you both feel comfortable with that, to talk about his or her feelings about how the in-home care process is going.

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